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I love heartbreak moments; they birth 'great songs' – Kwabena Kwabena

Ghanaian Highlife star Kwabena Kwabena

Ghanaian Highlife star Kwabena Kwabena has shared that the best times to write great songs is when he is brokenhearted or experiencing rough times.

He said this talking to the Showbiz A-Z team on Accra-based Joy FM, January 28, 2023. 

"I've been in a few relationships [from] which I'd say [I] learnt a great deal," he said. "I don't regret nothing but then I'd say, I am happy where I am now."

He appeared to hint at being in a new romantic relationship.

"Yeah, I am happy where I am now. Very comfortable," he laughed heartily.

George Quaye, lead presenter for the programme broached the topic of the best songs coming out of the real life experiences of artistes.

"Trust me, the best times for me to write great songs [are] when I am heartbroken," Kwabena Kwabena quickly responded. "I love those moments."

"Honestly, when times are rosy, you don't write great songs," he stressed.

"Sometimes, you just need the roughness of certain things to actually give you an experience or an idea of what the reality really is.

"How do you write a song about somebody cheating if somebody has not cheated [on you] before? How do you do that?" he quizzed with confidence.

He was asked if one should go seeking these experiences.

"What it is is like, when you're presented with the opportunity, if God presents the opportunity with a beautiful case study, where you never see where it is coming from and it hits you, yeah, then it gives you the right feel to actually write a song," the serial hitmaker responded.

George imagined a scenario where the award-winning singer returns home and sees his woman in bed with another man and asked what he would write in view of that.

"That's easy because you have everything that can build up to a good story," he laughed. 

Kwabena Kwabena came to public notice after the release of his 'Aso' piece which narrates the story of a man grieving the betrayal and infidelity of his lover.

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