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Medikal hails Eno Barony a 'dope' rapper better than 'a lot of male rappers', challenges her to rap battle

Medikal (L) Eno Barony (R)

Medikal, alias MDK, has praised Eno Barony as a very talented rapper and challenged her to a rap battle. 

MDK was guesting on Andy Dosty's Daybreak Hitz programme on Accra-based Hitz FM.

"Yo! You know, Eno Barony is a really good rapper," he said to Andy.

He recalled one day when he heard a song of Eno's "on one of the radio stations" while he was driving.

While listening to "her verse," he had the realisation that "she's so dope [extremely good]."

Remarking that "For a female rapper, she is dope," he added argued that she is better at rap than "a lot of the male rappers in Ghana."

The exception, however, "is me," he said and shrugged a bit.

"I rap better than... you know... I'm by myself, I'm in my zone, I'm in my [own] world," he said, arguing that he is incomparable and "you can't pair me because I am not correct [in the head], you get me?"

"I do my things in a different way," he explained. 

Insisting on his uniqueness and exceptional rap abilities, he asserted that he is the judge.

"I am the one who judges if this one is a better rapper than this other one," he added.

Andy said he would like to hear Medikal and Eno Barony on a song together.

Medikal informed him that they did a collaboration "like 6 years ago."

In an animated voice, the rapper born Samuel Adu Frimpong, said he wanted to rap battle Eno with on a song. 

His intention for the collaboration would be to dominate the acclaimed female rapper.

"You have to put us on one song on which we have to rap," he said. "On the song, I will show her that that feminist and women empowerment [thing] will not work on me." 

"I will spoil [ruin her]. I will lash her," he declared, stifling laughter. "It's because I hear she's very stubborn and she can really rap. She raps like she's crazy. A woman rapping like that!" 

He chuckled, and complimented Eno again: "She really is a good rapper."

He agreed with Andy that Ghanaians may troll him saying that Eno defeated him in the battle but argued that: "That's even what I want but deep down within them they will say that, 'Herh! Medikal really lashed the girl'. It's because sincerely, she can't lash me."

Medikal, alias MDK, shared the observation that Eno has been dominating male rappers she has collaborated with "hands down."

"This girl is a champion!" he hailed and indicated he would want Ms Barony to answer the rap battle call "Quick, quick, quick!" 













Source: Benjamin