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Reunion Rave, UG, Legon: Wave Africa confirms 'order from above' kept Shatta Wale off stage, signals possible legal action

Shatta Wale

In a Monday, June 10, 2024, statement, Wave Africa, organisers of the Reunion Rave Artiste Night, have addressed "misconceptions" surrounding the cancellation of the event which was in collaboration with TF Hostels, University of Ghana, Legon.

Wave Africa, a self-identified youth-focused marketing and communication agency, revealed details about the origin of the event, saying they were "contacted two months ago by the executives of James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall to provide an artiste and organise the event on their behalf. The 2-months-long deliberations were concluded and a formal contract was signed on Wednesday, 5th June 2024".

"Proactively", it added, a deal was "secured and signed" for "Shatta Wale to perform on the night, and his promotional poster was subsequently released".

Wave Africa explained when "on Friday, 7th June, we saw an online communique from the Dean of Students’ Office announcing the cancellation of the event," they "contacted the hall executives, who were responsible for securing the venue as per the contract," and receiving assurances "that the issues with the Dean of Students office had been resolved," proceeded with the event plans, making sure "additional security measures were arranged with law enforcement agencies to ensure an incident free event". 

However, renewed opposition was encountered "on Saturday, 8th June 2024, during our setup and sound check," when "Legon campus security interrupted, saying it’s an 'order from above'".

In response, the statement continued, Wave Africa sent "a delegation from our team" to see "the Dean of Students," during which meeting they were "informed that the event could proceed but without Shatta Wale’s performance".

"We adhered just as we were directed," Wave Africa confessed, noting they were, however, "surprised and disappointed by the turn of events and the last-minute ban on Shatta Wale’s performance at TF Hostel".

Concluding, they issued an apology and hinted at possible legal action after meeting with all parties involved in the aforementioned programme and regretted outcome.

"We deeply apologise to the fans for not being able to deliver Shatta Wale’s performance as promised. We have referred the matter to our legal team and are making efforts to reach out to all stakeholders involved. Thank you," Wave Africa said.

| Wave Africa official statement

Wave Africa's statement confirms what Shatta Wale's manager, Sammy Flex, said when his artiste phoned him during a TikTok live session, the Reggae/Dancehall star missed his gig per an "order from above". 

Shatta Wale on said social media broadcast bemoaned he had invested in the programme as an expression of gratitude to the student-fans, arguing, also, archrival Stonebwoy, who was performing on the same campus that night, had sabotaged his gig. 

The Reunion Rave was advertised as part of a two-day event for the alumni of Ghana's premiere university.

Prof Rosina Kyerematen is the Dean of Students Affairs, UG, Legon. According to a June 7 letter, signed by her, the Reunion Rave programme was cancelled because it was not approved. The letter intimated the original programme, Two-Day Alumni Engagement, it would appear, was purposed as a trojan horse with the Reunion Rave or the Artiste Night in its belly, on the blindside of school authorities.

Mohammed Hussein, the President of the Junior Common Room (JCR), James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall, in a letter issued on the day of the event, Saturday, June 8, apologised "for any inconveniences caused" by the cancellation of the reunion rave.

Meanwhile, Stonebwoy successfully capped off the Liman Hall Artiste Night event on June 8.

Source: classfmonline.com/Prince Benjamin