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Years of self-less service ended in Samira Bawumia gig – TwinsDntBeg tell their success story

Celebrity photographers called TwinsDntBeg

In seeking to “use our lives as an [inspiring] example,” TwinsDntBeg have “clarified” how they rose to fame as a photography brand, and became the official photographers for wife of the Vice President of Ghana, Samira Bawumia.

They spoke to Nana Romeo on Accra 100.5 FM’s Ayekoo Ayekoo, Tuesday, April 2, 2024.

“10 years ago, we struggled to even buy food,” they said.

Confessing “we didn’t know our path in life,” they noted, also, they, nonetheless, dedicated themselves earnestly to “serving”.

They named prominent people they had served, including: “Nana Boakye, Fati Abubakar, and a whole lot of people”.

Per their observation, TwinsDntBeg said some of the people they served “didn’t know they would be great but they had a dream and a purpose” and “we were serving under them”.

“We were serving regardless of whatever we were going to get from them,” the twins stressed.

Relishing the wonder of it all, TwinsDntBeg said: “Fast forward 14 years later, Fati Abubakar is the Minister for Information – and I can call her right now on phone and she’ll pick up – there are a whole lot of other influential people I can name.”

The celebrity photographers noted “we served and served them well” and, thus, they now enjoy friendship and access to people of repute.

They revealed they finished school in 2014 and started their photography work in 2015.

They recalled Fati Abubakar mentioning the then impending 2016 elections, her point being they could leverage their influence and social media skills and work for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“She suggested we wrote a proposal to the party because the current second lady, H.E. Samira Bawumia was in need of someone to handle her social media,” TwinsDntBeg said, revealing it had been explained to them “Mrs Bawumia was going to be used as a tool to draw in the youth” in 2016 after the defeat in 2012.

They explained it was Ms Abubakar who received the proposal and sent it to Mrs Bawumia after which “we met, and this is where it has brought us” since that time “somewhere in 2014, 2015”.

| TwinsDntBeg flanking Mrs Samira Bawumia

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