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Rock star Marilyn Manson fined for blowing nose on concert photographer

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Manson pleaded no contest to the charges on Monday, September 18, 2023

Marilyn Manson has been sentenced by a judge in New Hampshire for blowing his nose on a photographer in an incident the judge called "egregious".

The musician will serve 20 hours of community service and pay around $1,400 (£1,100) in fines for the 2019 misdemeanour at his concert.

The singer, whose real name is Brian Warner, was required to appear in court in person on Monday.

The judge said he would be permitted to do his service work in California.

Manson, 54, had initially pleaded not guilty to the assault charges, but later changed his plea to no contest. The no contest plea means he did not contest the charge, but was not required to admit guilt.

According to a police report, Manson, 54, spat on the woman on 19 August 2019 as she filmed his performance at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford.

The police investigator, who reviewed footage of the event, said Manson was seen putting his face close to the camera held by photographer Susan Fountain and spitting a "big lougee" at her.

A moment later he returned, kneeled over her and placed his hand over one nostril before launching a "significant amount of mucus" onto her.

The police report adds that the camera shows Manson "point and laugh at Fountain as she gets down and walks away".

In a statement read in court, Ms Fountain said, "I've never been humiliated or treated like I was by this defendant.

"For him to spit on me and blow his nose on me was the most disgusting thing a human being has ever done."

As part of his punishment Manson must also alert police to any concerts planned for New Hampshire for the next two years, and provide proof that his community service has been completed by no later than 4 February 2024.

Manson, who wore a black suit in court, spoke to the judge twice. He acknowledged his name - Brian Warner - and said "yes" when asked if he understood the sentence.

Speaking to reporters outside court, Manson said he plans to perform his service with "people in recovery".

Manson has released 11 studio albums since 1994, three of which have reached the top 10 in the UK.

His biggest hit single was a cover of Tainted Love, which reached number five in 2001.

He has faced multiple accusations of sexual assault in recent years and has attempted to sue an alleged victim, claiming that she has harmed his career.

Source: bbc.com