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Thief apologises for 'deplorable behaviour' after stealing from restaurant

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Sandbanks Brasserie in Broughty Ferry

A thief has apologised for their "deplorable behaviour" after stealing a vegetable delivery from outside a restaurant owned by a MasterChef winner.

The culprit wrote a letter of apology and enclosed £30 to cover the cost of the pinched goods after bosses at Sandbanks Brasserie in Broughty Ferry posted on social media they had CCTV of the incident which showed the person and their car.

The Dundee restaurant is run by Jamie Scott, who won MasterChef: The Professionals in 2014, and his wife, Kelly.

In a Facebook post highlighting the overnight theft on 30 December, the Scotts issued a kind response to the incident.

They said: "Please if you are in need contact us directly, no questions asked and we will provide a hot meal at the very least. However please don't take our orders.

"It's a hard time for many, some more than others which is heartbreaking to see."

In an update on Thursday, the couple revealed the thief had come forward with a letter of "sincere apology" and £30 to cover the cost of their loss.

The culprit gave a "personal and heartfelt promise" that there would be no further repeat of their "deplorable behaviour".

The thief added: "I note from the local press that you are very kindly offering me a meal, an offer which I must respectfully decline on the basis that I stole from you and should not be rewarded in any way for doing so.

"I am however so deeply grateful for your offer.

"By way of explanation, my unacceptable actions were purely opportunistic and whilst I can offer all sorts of excuses for doing it, the bottom line is that I do accept that there is no excuse for theft.

"Once again, I would like to offer you both my deepest and sincere apologies."

The Scotts appreciated the letter and said "people are good".

They added: "Thank you kindly for the letter, apology and gesture. Very unexpected, so appreciated and really refreshing.

"Our offer [of the hot meal] still stands genuinely.

"Happy New Year to you all. May this year bring kindness, care and compassion to all."

Many people praised the thief's apology.

One Facebook user wrote: "There's a lot to be said about someone who can look within and face their wrongdoings. And even more so trying their best to rectify it.

"No one will know their circumstances except them.

"Also hats off to [the restaurant] for showing this person kindness in what may be a dark time in their life. This is a great example of what the world needs more of."

However, one man wrote there was "nothing opportunist" about the theft.

He added: "You drove there in a vehicle, knew what you were doing. Only owning up for fear of CCTV being posted on social media."

In response, the Scotts said: "We would like to think there is more humility of coming good in the end."

Source: news.sky.com