Sunday, 05 December

The alarming armed robbery & serial killing pandemic: The police are not entirely to blame

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Ghana Police

Ghana like other African countries suffers from similar factors that lead to skyrocketing armed robbery and serial killing pandemic among its citizens and not entirely the failure of the security sector, especially the police and their intelligence as we are made to believe.

According to Global Security for Africa Research and Good Governance, (GLOSARGG), there are many sources of armed robbery and serial killings, which are as clear as crystal to all and also based on many literatures available on the above subject.

Nonetheless, here are the main five:


1. Employment scarcity & Poverty

2. Corruption with impunity among the minority capitalist elites

3. Distorted rule of law & inequality

4. Sumptuous life style of technocrats, the political class and government appointees

5. Hypocrisy of opinion leaders (ACADEMIA, CSOs, CBOs, IBOs, …)


According to GLOSARGG, the remedy is simple even if they cannot eradicate the armed robbery and serial killings entirely, it will reduce them drastically in Africa, especially Ghana.

1. The Needs Theory of Abraham Maslow […]. Availability of the following for every individual: a) Food b) Clothing c) Shelter

2. Impartial Rule of Law and equality for all (both rich and poor)

3. Severe punitive measures for corrupt individuals irrespective of their status in the society

4. Government must create the congenial environment for both government and private companies and factories to offer gainful employment to the teaming youth and the poor.

5. Quality Education to provide citizens with vocational technical and entrepreneurial skills

6. The police and the security sector must be motivated through:

a) Security Sector Reform

b) Priority to CIDs and intelligence

c) Protective & sophisticated accoutrements for combating crimes and insecurity

d) Decent Salary and the likes

7. The HYPOCRISY must stop on the part of opinion leaders in national discourse. They must be impartial in their analysis calling spade a spade across governments

8. Police & Community Forum (PCF) to bridge the gap between the community and the police in order to build trust for mutual communication to expose criminals since they are our children, husbands, wife, brothers, friends, sisters and the rest, living with us in the same community.

Francis Ahovi

Executive Secretary Global Security for Africa Research and Good Governance