Friday, 14 August

A/R: All-female gang busted for dealing in fake currency


The Ashanti Regional Police Command, between the periods of 24th and 29th May 2020, arrested 16 persons suspected to be dealing in fake Ghanaian currency in the region.

The suspects, all females between the ages of 17 and 40 years, were arrested at separate locations upon complaints filed against them and their activities. 

So far, GHS24,000.00 worth of fake 100 and 200 cedi denominations have been retrieved from the suspects.

The fake notes are in the custody of the police as exhibit, a statement said.

According to the police, the gang only uses fake GHS100.00 and GHS200.00 denominations for their business transactions in the region.

Explaining the modus operandi of the culprits, the police said: “They usually use the fake cedi notes to purchase items from unsuspecting traders at shopping centres such as supermarkets and other market places which do not have currency detectors.

“They move from one shop to the other and present the fake GHS200.00 or GHS100.00 note to purchase items whose values are negligible and take a change. They also take these fake currencies to unsuspecting mobile money vendors and make deposits into their mobile money wallet.”

The police command noted that it has since taken measures to investigate the source(s) of the fake currencies, as well created awareness among the general public about the gang.

The police has, therefore, advised the public to be cautious about people who use big notes to buy small things.

The police further urged Ghanaians to get themselves abreast with how to recognise the genuine 200 and 100 Ghana cedi notes from the counterfeit ones and mobile money vendors to ensure that they receive the currency and examine it before confirming the transfer.

Also, operators of shopping marts and supermarkets have been urged to acquire currency detectors.


Source: Mensah