Thursday, 18 April

A/R: Boyfriend strangles girlfriend to death at Mpatuom

An image of Sarah Adadzoa

A 20-year-old male known as Kojo Ben has allegedly strangled his 18-year-old girlfriend, Sarah Adadzoa, to death.

It is reported, after the deed, Ben kept Sarah’s body in his room for three days at Mpatuam Bontefufuom in the Amansie West District of Ashanti Region.

Confirming the saddening incident, the elder sister of the deceased, Asantewaa, said, her sister left home last Tuesday night to sleep over at the boyfriend’s but never returned.

According to her, the family tried unsuccessfully to reach Sarah on the phone.

She later confronted Kojo Ben about Sarah’s whereabouts but he denied knowledge.

She said the family later had a distress call that revealed that Adadzoa had been found dead in her boyfriend’s room.

"We rushed to the house and saw the lifeless body of my younger sister.

“I suspect that, the boyfriend engaged in sexual intercourse with the deceased body,” Asantewaa said.

She said Sarah had been warned several times to stay away from Kojo Ben but was headstrong.

The police at Ahwerewa has arrested the suspect and the body of the deceased has been sent to hospital for preservation and autopsy.