Tuesday, 23 July

Jobless teachers threaten street demonstrations

Member of the Coalition of Unemployed Teachers at a press conference

The Coalition of Unemployed Trained Teachers (CUTT) has issued a stern ultimatum to the government, demanding employment or face mass street demonstrations by the end of April.

The group, comprising individuals who have completed their four-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) programme, their mandatory one-year National Service, and passed licensure exams, expressed frustration over the lack of job opportunities despite their qualifications.

Speaking at a press conference organised by the group, the Lead Convener, Murtala Mohammed, highlighted the plight of the unemployed teachers.

He emphasised that they had received licenses from the National Teaching Council (NTC), set to expire in 2025, yet remained without employment.

Mohammed condemned the situation as unfair and unfortunate, especially considering they were part of the pioneer batch of teachers trained under the new B.Ed programme and the Common Core Programme, aimed at enhancing the quality of education nationwide.

The group reiterated their readiness to take to the streets in protest if the government fails to address their grievances before the end of April.



Source: Source:Classfmonline.com/ Elizabeth Aidoo