Tuesday, 23 July

Ministry of Education announces reduction in SHS subjects

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The Ministry of Education (MoE), in collaboration with the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA), has announced a significant reduction in the number of subjects offered at the Senior High School (SHS) level.

 The streamlined curriculum, which will see the number of subjects reduced from 63 to 37, is set to be implemented in the upcoming academic year.

New Senior High School Curriculum

Core Subjects:

1. English Language

2. Additional Mathematics

3. Mathematics

4. General Science

5. Social Studies

6. Art & Design Foundation

7. Agricultural Science

Elective Subjects:

1. Biology

2. Chemistry

3. Physics

4. Computing

5. Agriculture

6. Physical Education & Health

7. Home Economics

8. History

9. Economics

10. Geography

11. Government

12. Art and Design Studio

13. Performing Arts

14. Applied Technology

15. Business

16. Religious Studies

17. Literature-in-English

18. ICT

19. Ghanaian Language

20. French*

21. Arabic*

22. Spanish*

Additionally, the curriculum includes specialized subjects that will be offered based on the availability of qualified teachers:

1. Engineering Science*+Robotics

2. Biomedical Science

3. Aviation and Aerospace Engineering

4. Robotics

5. Manufacturing Engineering

The Ministry of Education's decision to revamp the curriculum aims to enhance the quality of education by focusing on a more manageable and relevant set of subjects.

 This change is expected to better equip students with the knowledge and skills required for higher education and the job market.

Source: Classfmonline.com/Cecil Mensah