Monday, 24 June

A/R: Jurors strike over unpaid allawa

General News
Empty jury stand

Jurors in the Ashanti region have declared a strike over their unpaid allowances.

The Jurors Association said their allowances have been in arrears for 13 months.

The Foreman General for the Jurors Association, Mr Albert Ackah told Class News' Elisha Adarkwah that some of their members have not received their allowances from January 2022 while others from April 2022.

He said they officially petitioned the High Court Supervising Judge on April 27, 2023, concerning the allowance.

The Former Chief Justice, Anin Yeboah, and the Judicial Service, he said, were also copied on the petition.

Mr Ackah said they were promised that the allowances will be paid before the end of May 2023, but they could not fulfill it.

He noted that the government was lying to them and, therefore, met and decided to embark on the strike.

Mr Ackah said they will not return to work until they are paid the allowances.