Saturday, 26 September

Survey: 72% of Ghanaians think COVID-19 is spread through failure to wear face masks

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wearing of nose masks is one of the measures to combat COVID-19

A survey conducted by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has indicated that 72 per cent of Ghanaians believe that the coronavirus is spread through the failure of wearing face masks.

About 68.5% also, believe that not wearing hand gloves is the number one cause of the spread of the virus, the survey stated.

The report, released on Thursday, 30 July 202 said: “Knowledge of the COVID-19 was universal, as 99.7% (99.7% for males and 99.5% for females) of the population have heard of it”.

“When respondents were asked how someone contracts the virus, 72% (72% of males and 71.9% of females) indicated not using a mask or gloves while 68.5% (70.8% males and 64% females) mentioned handshaking as possible cause”.

“90.9% mentioned at least one of top three answer categories (“Handshaking”, “Touching of your face” or “Not using mask/gloves”).

“Attribution to witchcraft or supernatural causes was negligible at 1.2%. Most people reported changing their behaviour patterns due to COVID-19, with 94.8% reporting more frequent handwashing in the seven days prior to the survey”.

Also, “93.9% indicated they have avoided physical greetings and 85.8% avoiding gatherings of more than 25 people such as family meetings, parties, church/mosque, funerals, etc. in line with government directives. Two out of five (44.8%) of respondents cancelled their travel plans.”