Saturday, 22 January

‘You remain our heroines and heroes’ – Mahama to farmers

General News
Former President John Mahama operating a harvester on a farm

Former President John Mahama has said farmers and fisherfolk continue to be Ghana’s heroes and heroines, as the country celebrates this year’s National Farmers Day today, Friday, 3 December 2021. 

Read below Mr Mahama’s congratulatory message to all farmers: 

Heartiest congratulations to our farmers and fishers on the occasion of this year’s National Farmers Day. 

You remain our heroines and heroes. 

Through your effort, agriculture continues to be the mainstay of our economy, employing most of our nation’s working population and being a leading contributor to GDP. 

Not only do you provide our nation’s food and nutrition needs, but you also wield the potential to eradicate hunger and poverty and lead our country toward rapid industrialisation and shared prosperity through agribusiness. 

As we commemorate this important day, we must diversify by delving into agro-processing and agri-business as ways of ensuring value addition and wealth creation for all persons in the agriculture value chain. 

This wealth must particularly benefit our farmers and fishers, and also the country. 

This way, we can get more young people into agriculture to employ more of Ghana's youth and increase our food stock. 

We will also earn foreign exchange through exports and ultimately increase the income levels of our hardworking farmers and fishers. 

Our world is fast-changing, and we must find new ways of doing business if we are to survive. 

I believe once government averts its mind to the opportunities and comparative advantage we have as a country, we can achieve the goal of prosperity for our country and its people. 

Happy Farmers Day!