Thursday, 18 April

Kwadaso: No standby generators in health facilities – Municipal Health Dir

Health News

Mrs. Grace Billi Kampitib, the Municipal Health Director for the Kwadaso Municipality in the Ashanti region, has highlighted the lack of standby generators in all health facilities within the area, adversely impacting healthcare delivery.

According to her, facilities such as the Apatrapa Health Centre, Nwomase Health Centre, and Atwima Techiman CHPS compound, among others, are without standby generators.

Given the current erratic power situation in the region, Mrs. Kampitib mentioned that they are compelled to rely on rechargeable lamps and energy-saving bulbs as alternatives to provide healthcare services. Furthermore, she pointed out that the Apatrapa Health Centre, despite being a model facility in the Municipality, suffers from insufficient equipment for optimal healthcare delivery.

During a sideline interview at the 2023 annual performance review of the Municipal Health Directorate, Mrs. Kampitib emphasized that although the Assembly has constructed essential infrastructure such as a theatre, maternity block, and recovery ward for the facility, the lack of adequate equipment hinders effective healthcare provision.

In light of these challenges, Mrs. Kampitib appealed to the government for assistance, urging for the provision of necessary equipment and standby generators to enhance the capacity of the Apatrapa Health Centre and other health facilities in the Municipality to deliver improved healthcare services.