Monday, 26 February

2024 election: Millions of Ghanaians fed up with NPP, NDC – Buaben Asamoa

Lawyer Yaw Buaben Asamoa

The former Director of Communications for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Yaw Buaben Asamoa, has reminded the leadership of the party that millions of voters are disillusioned with a system that seems to favour the powerful and are gearing up to vote against the status quo in favour of a candidate they believe represents decency and the promise of actual change. 

“And Alan Kyerematen is emerging as a potential choice for these voters, seen as a difference-maker who can break away from the traditional two-party dominance that caters to the powerful,” he declared.

He explained that critics have argued that the current political landscape, dominated by a self-serving duopoly, often sidelines the needs and dreams of the people, steering the nation towards a future that benefits only the powerful elite.

Mr Asamoa made this comment, in a statement, days after the NPP announced his forfeiture of membership for endorsing the candidature of Alan Kyerematen and his Movement for Change.   

According to him, the discontent is evident in the rejection of the cyclical narrative predicting an eight-year term for any political party.

“Fitch and EIU's projection of a potential win for John Mahama and the National Democratic Congress in 2024, based on concerns such as declining living standards, limited job opportunities, and inadequate public services, raises skepticism among those seeking real solutions,” he highlighted. 

He stressed Alan Kyerematen, with his outlined programme known as the Great Transformation Programme, is positioned as a candidate who can address post-International Monetary Fund Ghana's challenges in a structured manner.

He said Ghanaian voters are increasingly focused on tangible solutions and effective governance, which, in their eyes, hinges on the ability of the executive authority to deliver political inclusion, economic opportunity, and social cohesion.

“And Alan Kyerematen, with his track record and approach, stands out as someone well-equipped to fulfill these expectations,” he said.

He noted that amidst speculations and attempts to downplay Alan's candidacy, fueled by rumours of financial incentives and accusations of disrupting Alhaji Bawumia's chances, supporters emphasise that Alan is in the race to win. 

“The argument that independents don't win elections in Ghana is challenged by the current political climate, where voters are eager for alternatives and real solutions,” Asamoa said.

“Influential middle-class citizens are urged to champion the cause for decency in public affairs and throw their weight behind Alan Kyerematen's presidential bid,” he added.

He concluded that the call is not just for a change in leadership but a fight for the soul of Ghana, signaling a collective aspiration for a more promising future.

Source: Mensah