Tuesday, 28 May

NDC poses 35 questions to EC at IPAC meeting

Dr Edward Omane Boamah

The Electoral Commission (EC) is facing a series of inquiries following the reported theft of registration kits, raising concerns about the security of sensitive electoral materials. 

Here are the key questions being raised by the Director of Elections and IT, Dr Edward Omane Boamah for the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) pertinent details sought:

Status of Missing Kits: Have the missing registration kits been located?

Discovery of Missing Items: If found, when and where were the missing items discovered, and by whom?

Quantity of Missing Kits: How many registration kits are missing and cannot be traced?

Serial Numbers: What are the serial numbers of the missing registration kits?

Documentation: Does the EC possess purchasing invoices with corresponding serial numbers for the missing items?

Inventory Records: Did the EC maintain an official recorded inventory of the missing items before their theft?

Current Inventory: Is there a present inventory of sensitive items to facilitate a thorough inquiry?

Regarding Investigation, Arrest, and Prosecution:

Awareness and Response: When did the EC become aware of the missing items, and was there an immediate formal meeting to address the situation?

Meeting Details: Who attended the meeting, are there minutes, and was it resolved to report the theft to the police?

Police Report: If reported to the police, what was the time lapse between discovery and reporting? Who made the report, and is there formal documentation?

Status of Report: What is the current status of the police report, and is there an ongoing briefing on its progress?

Statements from EC Personnel: Have statements been obtained from individuals responsible for the missing kits, and if so, can copies be provided?

Regarding Possible Compromise of Voters’ Data:

Deployment History: When were the missing kits last deployed for voter registration, and where were they stored before deployment?

Affected Registration Stations: Which registration stations used the missing kits, and who was responsible for them?

Data Backup: Did the missing kits contain voter data, and if so, does the EC have backups?

Data Transfer: Was voter data transferred to the National Voters Register before the theft?

Preventing Recurrence:

Storage Protocols: What protocols are in place for storing such devices, and were they followed?

Custodial Responsibility: Who is responsible for the safekeeping of these items, and are they permanent or temporary staff?

Regarding Un-retrieved/Lost BVDs:

Recovery Status: Have all un-retrieved BVDs been returned to the EC headquarters?

Serial Numbers: What are the serial numbers of the un-retrieved BVDs?

Deployment Details: Which polling stations used the missing BVDs, and who was responsible for them?

Deployment Protocols: Were deployment protocols followed for the missing BVDs?

Custodial Responsibility: Who is responsible for the custody and return of deployed BVDs?

These inquiries aim to ensure transparency, accountability, and the prevention of future incidents, safeguarding the integrity of Ghana's electoral processes.

Source: Classfmonline.com/Cecil Mensah