Sunday, 21 July

New Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Ghana presents Letters of Credence

Mr. Sultan Abdulrahman Al Dakhel and Thomas Mbomba

The incoming Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Ghana, Mr. Sultan Abdulrahman Al Dakhel presented his Open Letters of Credence to the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Thomas Mbomba on Friday 2nd June, 2023 at the Foreign Ministry.

During the meeting, the Ambassador-designate, Al Dakhel, expressed his readiness to further deepen the Ghana-Saudi relations for the benefit of the peoples of the two countries.

For his part, Mr Mbomba commended the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for cooperating with Ghana in the fields of education, energy and health.

He indicated the Government’s commitment to promote the ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ agenda, and the need to boost cooperation in the field of trade and investment.

Mr Mbomba also extended an invitation to the Saudi business community to explore business opportunities in Ghana.

He added that Ghana is the gateway to Africa and thereby serves as a launchpad for Saudi businesses to access the wider market provided by the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

Mr Mbomba, extended appreciation to the former Saudi Arabia Ambassador, Meshal Hamdan Al-Rogi for his commitment and contribution to the sustained growth of Ghana-Saudi relations and hoped that the Ambassador-designate would continue the good works of his predecessor to further strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries.